What is it all about ?

Our vision

Jai Jagat : One Planet All People

In the wake of the deepening economic, social and environmental crises, there is a growing desire everywhere for profound change in the way we lead our lives.

The campaign “Jai Jagat“, which means One Planet All People“, is working to achieve a benevolent World for the whole of the living, where “no one is left behind“.

Our mission

What are we walking for ?

  • To promote Gandhi’s main message, namely nonviolence, as a global transformation strategy and a way of living together.
  • To make the Jai Jagat 2020 campaign, whose marches are an essential component, a tool for the convergence of the forces for change and individual, societal and institutional transformation.
  • To promote the knowledge and emancipation of women, young people and the poor as essential actors of this campaign.
  • To contribute to raising awareness on the global environmental, social and democratic challenges
  • To build on the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030), through critical dialogue, to fulfil these missions.

Our advocacy

What message do we bring to Geneva?

The pillars of advocacy, integrated into the global campaign are :

I. Eradicating Poverty

II. Removing Social Discrimination

III. Reversing Ecological Destruction and the Climate Crisis

IV. Ending Conflict


Our values

What brings us together​

  • “Being the change we want to see in the world”
  • Practise benevolence and care for each other
  • To propose if possible, to denounce if necessary
  • Respect the ideals of openness, co-operation and inclusion of Jai Jagat in the service of the common good.

Rajagopal PV, leader of Ektaparishad and founder of Jaijagat 2020 Campaign